The Future of Commerce Podcast

How B2B is going from transactional to experiential

Episode Notes

Welcome to the first episode of our new Commerce Reimagined series. These episodes are dedicated entirely to everything you need to know about digital commerce. 

To kick off the series, we’re tackling the topic of digital commerce in B2B operations. People across the world responsible for business to business operations are facing the challenge to consumerize, going from a transactional mindset to an experiential. Apurva Pangam, Principal at Deloitte joins us to discuss. 

AP and I cover what this transition from transactional to experiential looks like, the benefits and challenges of consumerizing and the role ecommerce plays in this, and steps you can take today no matter where you are in the process.

If you want to learn more about digital commerce in a B2B environment, follow the link here where you can find a Harvard Business Review report on Transforming B2B Customer Experience. Also if this was useful for you, be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you can receive notifications as new episodes of the Commerce Reimagined series are released.